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Who we are

stopsmokinguk is non-commercial information and advice provider for smokers. We have a small staff at our office in Manchester whose two major functions are to keep the website completely up to date (no mean feat as we plan to have more than 5000 therapists listed on the National Therapist Directory) and to answer queries and questions from the smokers who use our advice service. Our funding comes in part from the contributions smokers make in Detox Monday and in part through the income from our shop, with the shortfall (there always is one) made up by our sponsor, The National Smoking Cessation Institute (itself a not-for-profit co-operative). We do not accept commercial sponsorship, the site contains no advertising, and therapists do not pay to be listed. In this way, we maintain our position as a truly impartial advice and information service.

Why we do this

The pharmaceutical industry / NHS combine dominates the field of smoking cessation in the UK. Because drug companies are businesses, with a commercial imperative, almost all the advice given to smokers, most of which comes from the NHS, is about the drug products promoted by those companies and supplied to patients through the NHS. Our job is to help smokers get a broader picture of what is available to help them stop, both drug and non-drug methods, without getting involved in any debate about which is better. With the information on this website, you will be able to gain a better understanding of why you can't stop smoking, what help is available, and how to get it. We believe this is an important service. If you think we are doing a good job, please spread the word about us.

How to contact us

Because we have a small staff, we can't, unfortunately, talk to you on the telephone. If you have a problem with stopping smoking that you feel we might be able to help with, feel free to use the advice service. If you want to contact us for any other reason (we welcome comments, suggestions and even criticisms), please use our contact form.

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