The National Therapist Directory: Hypnotherapists in Bromley


Hypnotherapists in Bromley

Heading out of London we have a good number of therapists listed in Croydon, and the next stop head south-east is Bromley. There are of course many hypnotherapists in Bromley, and I am pleased to see we do now have a reasonable list for smokers to choose from, including National Stop Smoking Centres branches in both Bromley and Beckenham. As always, there is a dearth of acupuncturists, which is partly our responsibility for not making the effort to find more for you, but actually there just aren’t that many acupuncturists who specialise in helping people to stop smoking. This is something the National Smoking Cessation Institute is working on with their campaign to encourage acupuncturists to specialise in the important work. Meanwhile, as I say, we have several hypnotherapists in Bromley, and in any case hypnotherapy is the therapy that will work for most smokers.

News from the world of smoking

I have just been reading an interesting feature on the BBC website about James Buchanan Duke, “Father of the modern cigarette”.

It seems that Mr Buchanan is credited with developing the machinery and the business structure, that made him the first true purveyor of cigarettes to the masses. Jordan Goodman, the author of Tobacco in History, says that Buck Duke helped to create the modern cigarette by pioneering the marketing and distribution systems that led to the phenomenal success of cigarettes as a commercial product worldwide. Robert proctor of Stanford University says that, “The cigarette is the deadliest artefact in the history of human civilisation. It killed about 100 million people in the twentieth century”. This would probably have happened without Duke, because if not him then some other entrepreneur would have done the same thing, but to him goes the dubious honour of being credited with making it happen when it did.

What Duke did was to mechanise an existing industry in which cigarettes were hand rolled. His mechanisation was so successful that it left with a problem of overproduction. Now, he could manufacture more cigarettes than it was possible to sell into the existing market. So the challenge was to create a new market for that huge number of cigarettes.

In the fifteen years to 1900, cigarette smoking in the USA quadrupled. That, though, was just the beginning. This was the era of big advertising in America, and what started there soon arrived here. You have to remember that for many years it was thought, believe it or not, that cigarette were beneficial for the health. How people thought such a thing is hard to credit now, because how can inhaling tar be anything but bad?

The next big leaps for the cigarette industry was when women started to smoke, at first in private but eventually in public, on a large scale, and then the advent of the mass consumer market, especially since the second world war. What that has left us with is a belief that we can have anything we want, because we can afford it. What we are just beginning to realise is that, thanks to pioneers like Buck Duke we can afford the purchase price of tobacco but that is not the full price that we pay.

The National Therapist Directory: Hypnotherapists in Croydon …


Acupuncturists and hypnotherapists in Croydon

Croydon is a major centre of population and therefore it is not surprising that it is also a centre for therapists. alone lists sixty hypnotherapists and thirty four acupuncturists in Croydon and has ten pages of acupuncturists, although most of these do not specialise in smoking cessation, or even offer such a service at all, as stopping smoking is rather a specialised branch of acupuncture.

Our page for Croydon currently includes therapists from South Croydon, Sanderstead and South Norwood, but I expect it to build up to include therapists from Beddington, Selhurst, Thornton Heath and Addiscombe as well, and we’re not sure yet whether we should include therapists in Wallington and Carshalton in Croydon or Sutton. When therapists from those areas ask to be included it is up to them where they are listed.

Our Croydon page has four hypnotherapists (including National Stop Smoking Centres) but only one acupuncturist (also NSSC), so I am going to repeat the appeal I seem to make most weeks which is for acupuncturists to get themselves listed so that Croydon smokers can have a choice. If you want acupuncture to stop smoking and you do want a bigger choice, I can only recommend that you search the website of the British Acupuncture Council, which lists all qualified acupuncturists in the country (other than doctors, who have their own governing body). The BAcC should be advising their members to get listed with us, but they seem to somewhat disorganised on this matter.

A question from our postbag

A question I’ve answered this week was about fees. A smoker in Winchmore Hill in north London wrote to ask what is a fair fee to pay for hypnotherapy to stop smoking. This is a delicate question. Two major factors are that understandably some parts of the country will be more expensive than others and hypnotherapy for smoking tends to be more expensive than for other problems.

Let’s look at the geographical differences first. City-centre therapists have to pay very high rents for premises so this can only be reflected in fees. Interestingly high fees also seem to apply throughout, for example, the home counties, even for therapists who have consultation rooms in their own homes, so I think you can say fees throughout the south- east are higher for the simple reason that everyone expects them to be. Other than property prices, it is no more expensive to live and practise hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire than Lancashire and I think prices in the former are inflationary. I’ve looked, as an example, at the National Stop Smoking Centres fee for hypnotherapy in Winchmore Hill, and I see it’s £250, which I think is realistic. However, there are in my opinion too many therapists who think that because they practise in an upmarket area that clients will expect the fees to be high and charge accordingly. I don’t think charging ‘what the market will bear’ is appropriate for a therapist.

The extra that many hypnotherapists charge for smoking cessation is a similar issue. It is commonly said that since smokers are going to save a lot when they stop they can expect to pay more than they would for hypnotherapy for other problems. My advice is to question this attitude, on the basis that more expensive does not mean better. In fairness, hypnotherapy sessions are usually a fixed length whereas for smoking cessation not only are they often exceptionally long (typically an hour and a half) but most good hypnotherapists are flexible on timing, allowing as much as it takes, within reason.

I don’t have a definitive fee range that I think is reasonable, but I should say smokers should avoid those hypnotherapists in city centres, especially London, charging £300, on the basis first, as I just said, that you cannot assume that this means they have exceptional skills and also because I think you might ask yourself if you really need to go into London, say, when you might work there but live in the suburbs, where you could save £100 or more.