The National Therapist Directory: hypnotherapists in Manchester


Acupuncturists and Hypnotherapists in Manchester

Manchester, which means all M postcode areas, including Salford, as you would expect has a very good choice of therapists to help you to stop smoking. The National Health Service, naturally, are well represented there with their drug products, and if taking drugs to stop smoking is your thing that there is plenty of help and advice available, either from their telephone advice service or of course from your GP.

On a more serious note, there are hypnotherapists and acupuncturists throughout the city, so you shouldn’t have to travel far to see someone. National Stop Smoking Centres are represented in the city with The Phoenix Stop-Smoking Programme (which is appropriate only for the hardest cases – if you think that’s you do read all the details on the website:, but there are also NSSC hypnotherapy and acupuncture branches in Sale, Prestwich and Salford.

Independent therapists are also represented in the greater Manchester area, with an acupuncturist in Salford, and hypnotherapists in Urmston, Stretford, Irlam and Chorlton-cum-Hardy. And finally there is an Allen Carr’s Easyway franchise in Manchester.

Interesting news from the world of smoking

Further to the recent ban on the open display of tobacco products in supermarkets, one of the biggest tobacco companies, Imperial Tobacco, has just lost its case in the British Supreme Court to get the ban overturned. Their argument was that the ban will not reduce the likely take-up of smoking by young people, but the court did not accept the argument. It was unlikely to do so, so I think the case was a long shot for Imperial Tobacco. No-one knows whether the ban will produce the desired effect, but on the balance of probabilities one has to say it might well do so. In addition, as I think I have mentioned before, there is no moral justification for displaying cigarettes in supermarkets. Actually, there is no moral justification for selling tobacco in supermarkets, but one step at a time.

The BBC website has been quoting from a recent study that shows that women who smoke, at all, meaning even if they smoke very little, have an increased risk of heart failure than women who do not smoke at all. This is quoted as suggesting that people (I’m guessing the fact that the study looked at women is not really significant) should stop smoking. I wouldn’t argue with that, but I am concerned that it seems to imply that smoking less is no better than smoking more. I think we have an enormous number of people who try to stop smoking and fail, and that there has to be a different model we could apply to these people that doesn’t ostracise them for smoking, so much, say, as smoking heavily.

So whilst the message stands that smoking, at all, is a bad thing, I wonder if we shouldn’t be looking at a supplemental message that if you really can’t stop then cutting down is a very valid and valuable second best.

The National Therapist Directory: Hypnotherapists in Liverpool


Laser therapy for stopping smoking

This is the second week of my regular news pages for Stop Smoking UK, and this week I want to answer a question that has arrived in our email intray. We’ve been asked why we don’t list laser therapists on the National Therapist Directory. Does this mean we don’t approve of the treatment?

No, it doesn’t mean that at all. We keep an open mind at all times, and after all we’re here to find good information and ensure that smokers are getting that information. However, if you look at the therapists we list, you will see that all of them have a qualification in their field. Hypnotherapists and acupuncturists are either members of the National Smoking Cessation Institute, or they hold a membership of some recognised association (in the case of hypnotherapists) or the British Acupuncture Council (for acupuncturists, obviously).

There is no such body that regulates laser therapists, as far as we can tell. In fact, we have not been able to ascertain that there is any control of the industry at all. It may be that such regulation is unnecessary, if for example the therapy is inherently safe. However, we tend to the view that laser therapy is in fact a form of acupuncture, in that it uses acupuncture points. In fact, it rather looks like it is acupuncture for people who are not acupuncturists. If this is the case, whilst we would not want anyone to think we disapprove of it neither is it within our remit to promote it. Acupuncturists go through very extensive, highly regulated training in what is, after all, a field of medicine. If, and I do say if, anyone can buy a laser acupuncture kit, go through a brief training course and then advertise treatment, that may be fine but it is not what Stop Smoking UK is for. SSUK’s remit is to tell you about therapies we know you can trust. That doesn’t mean you can’t trust laser therapy, it means we don’t know you can, and it is therefore not our business to include it on a directory of specialist smoking cessation therapists.

Another issue for us is that we we look at laser therapists’ websites there are two problems we note. One, frankly, is that they tend to be rather poor quality sites. There is no excuse for bad websites these days, and we don’t find a bad website reassuring. Why would we? The other issue is that by and large laser therapy websites don’t quotes charges. We have strong feelings on this. We believe it is important to be very upfront about fees, and so if most laser websites don’t show fees it inevitably rings alarm bells. Why don’t they? If it turns out that laser therapy is no cheaper than acupuncture, we do wonder why anyone would do it.

If you are a laser therapist and you can help us with this, we would be pleased to hear from you, and we will certainly review our policy in the light of further information.

‘Electronic’ cigarettes

While I’m writing a negative piece, I’ll have a gripe about ‘electronic’ cigarettes. I have yet to see any evidence that there is any such thing. As far as I can tell, what is being advertised is an electric cigarette. It is electric because it has an element that heats nicotine. It is not electronic because it has no digital processing components. Are the people who sell this product ignorant of the difference between electric and electronic, or are they pulling the wool over people’s eyes?

In any case, this appears to be nothing more than a nicotine replacement product, because undeniably it is a delivery method for nicotine. However, it is not a licensed drug, so I imagine it can’t be advertised as an NRP. If taking nicotine is your thing, this is probably just as good as any prescription or Over the Counter nicotine product, so why let the pharmaceutical companies have all the profit?

Update from the National Therapist Directory

The directory, although in its infancy, is growing steadily, with many new hypnotherapists particularly. Some of the major cites are now offering a good range of therapists, especially hypnotherapists in Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham, and acupuncturists and hypnotherapists in Glasgow. We have been concerned in the early stages that many of the small and medium-sized locations have no therapists listed, but we are pleased to see hypnotherapists in Hungerford, Wokingham, Gerrards Cross and many other towns getting listed. We feel it won’t be too long before smokers will be able to find a range of therapists, of all kinds, in their local area.

Update from the National Smoking Cessation Institute

The NSCI is the largest independent provider of stop-smoking services in the UK, with currently almost four hundred branches. The Institute has recently launched new websites for hypnotherapy in Manchester (, hypnotherapists in Liverpool (, hypnotherapy in Leeds ( and hypnotherapy in Glasgow ( A site for hypnotherapy in London is expected to be launched in the coming week.

The National Therapist Directory: Hypnotherapists in Manchester


Welcome to Stop Smoking UK, the realisation of a long-held dream

For more than two years we have planned to create an information and advice website for smokers that overcomes the extremely limited information that is currently available. Fair enough, there is a great deal of information, but actually we have been more concerned with the quality than the quantity. Everyone, it seems, has something to say on the subject, but you may have noticed that what they have to say relates very closely to what they have to sell.

That, of course, is the nature of the world, and it’s also the nature of the Web. Everyone wants to sell an idea at the very least, but more probably a service or a product. We believe this gets in the way of providing the quality of information smokers really need. The NHS / drug company combine has a large number of websites, but they are, of necessity, about using drug products to stop smoking. Hypnotherapists will tell you about hypnotherapy and acupuncturists will tell you about acupuncture to stop smoking, but not about anything else. All of this means that you would need to read a lot of websites to start to get any balanced information, and even then you would have to know how to select the good from the bad. Putting this more succinctly, the commercialisation of information has made the information worth less.

Stop Smoking UK is designed specifically to remedy this problem. It is non-commercial, carries no advertising, and in its biggest section, The National Therapist Directory, therapists are listed free of charge, so no one therapist or group wields any influence.

On the information pages much of the content is courtesy of the National Smoking Cessation Institute, which is the long-established authority on the subject, and indeed the Institute is funding SSUK in the short term. These pages include some really helpful information on the different methods for stopping smoking and a free advice service you can use by e-mail. Then there is a section on stop-smoking books. Currently we have just three books reviewed here, but this will increase in time. As you can imagine, we’re pretty busy just now, but we’ll get round to reviewing more before too long.

There’s a ten top tips section, as you might expect, but with a difference. The Web is full of ‘tips’ for smokers, and most of it is platitudes. Actually, most of it comes from the NHS / drug company combine, so that isn’t really surprising. Ours is really rather more interesting, so do take the time to read that section. Then we have the complete text of The Little Yellow Book, written by Robert Brynin, the Research Director of the NSCI. This is great – do take the time to read it.

And finally, back to the National Therapist Directory. This is listed by country / county / town, so if you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Harrogate, an acupuncturist in Andover or an NHS service in .. well, anywhere .. it’s all there. We don’t differentiate between the NHS, the National Smoking Cessation Institute, franchises like Allen Carr’s Easyway and independent hypnotherapists and acupuncturists. We are still very much in the process of building this up at present, so there are plenty of, say, hypnotherapists in Manchester listed but we’re still short of hypnotherapists in Southport, Carlisle and other medium-sized towns, and we’re listing very few hypnotherapists in Henley, Lewes, Camberley and a host of other small towns yet. If you are a hypnotherapist or acupuncturist who can help smokers, please get yourself listed (you’ll see how on the National Therapist Directory home page), and tell your colleagues. We want this quickly to become a national resource for all smokers, no matter where they live.

This is all very new, and we’re still open to ideas as to what help we can give smokers, but we think we’re made a good start. Please spread the word, whether you are a smoker or a therapist, or just someone who’s interested. The more people know about us, the bigger we will become and the more we can achieve.

Finally, I want to say thank you to the team that have made this possible. They know who they are, so I won’t mention names to avoid embarrassing them, but they have been brilliant.

And by the way, you can contribute in more ways than one. No, not with money, although it’s nice of you to think of it. We want to publish an interesting news page every week, and I mean not just about us but about whatever is going on out there in the world of smoking cessation, so if you see anything on the Web or indeed in the print media you think people might be interested to read about, do send it to us. Our email address is

Silly comment of the week

For every person who smoked and died young, I can give you other names, especially in my own profession, who didn’t…. Are there no doctors who would admit they haven’t a clue why this is so? … I intend to stick with my far more natural, delicious, pleasure-giving tobacco.”

David Hockney, a very modest artistic talent, gives us the benefit of his wisdom on smoking. Why, I don’t know. He doesn’t ask me my opinion on art, after all. Just as well, really.

Until next week.

Benedict Goodall

PS. No Smoking Day this year falls on Wednesday 14th March this year. It would be nice if the Press informed the smoking public about us, but I’m afraid they only usually take their information from the NHS / drug company combine, so we’re not hopeful.