The National Therapist Directory: hypnotherapists in Norwich


Acupuncturists and Hypnotherapists in Norwich

If you live in Norfolk you will know that the provision of services tends to be concentrated in Norwich itself, with a smaller range of options on the coast in Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, and then there is very little until you go right over to King’s Lynn. This situation pertains in many rural areas, but the distances one has to travel in Norfolk, if one doesn’t live in Norwich, can be considerable. For hypnotherapy, which is usually provided in a single session, this is not so bad, but if you are going to have acupuncture in Norwich to stop smoking and you live a long way off, you need to be aware that this will typically involve three appointments.

We currently list just one acupuncturist in Norwich, which is a branch of National Stop Smoking Centres (who also have hypnotherapists in Norwich and further afield in Holt in north Norfolk), but a good selection of independent hypnotherapists in Norwich too. The National Health Service has a smoking cessation service in Norwich as well, which I imagine covers the whole county, if you want to take drugs to stop smoking.


Interesting news from the world of smoking

A statement I’ve heard today that from next year it is reckoned that some 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians will immigrate into the UK made me wonder about smoking in those countries, and I found an interesting news item about anti-smoking legislation in Bulgaria. It seems that they have had a ban on smoking in enclosed public places since 2010 but that partial bans go back as far as 2005, so it looks like they are much in line with us in the UK on the problem.

What is somewhat different in Bulgaria is the public reaction to the legislation. Because of the negative reaction from the public, the government relaxed the total ban, on the grounds that it would harm tourism. One has to wonder about the veracity of this statement. After all, I should think that a large proportion of tourists in the country are from the rest of Europe and perhaps the USA, all countries where freedom from smoke in cafés, bars and so on would be taken for granted, and indeed expected. Perhaps they have tourists from Russia, and I admit I don’t know what the attitude of Russians is on the subject, but even so, I think it’s a lame excuse because of the reaction within Bulgaria itself.

Anyway, the reaction might surprise you. It certainly surprises me. Apparently, there is now talk of a political party being set up specifically to combat anti-smoking legislation, and given that they say 39% of Bulgarians smoke it could have some real support.

On the other hand, the party is headed by the usual suspects – people in the arts world who thrive on a bad-boy image (not so different from this country), and it may well be that it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt, likely even so to appeal to a significant number of people on the country. In the event of them actually fighting a general election campaign, I suspect that like the crank political parties in this country they will garner the support of a small number of people in the arty world who think it’s funny, but the rest of the electorate will have more important things to worry about than smoking laws.